Choreographers for audio visual projects

Millions of audio visual contents are currently generated daily and zoom around the internet at warp speed. It becomes harder and harder to have original ideas and bring new concepts to the table, with the growing competition, to stand out in our projects, ideas, products and events.

To have a choreographer specified in audio visual projects, who knows the different broadcasting mediums, and is able to create content vital to obtain the correct repercussion to disclose the correct message is basic.

At AcroDance Producciones we are specialised in expression through movement, we can divulge any message to the world through dance. Whether it is in a few minutes through a video clip, in a few seconds through promotional advertising or in a full length feature film, we will work with you so that the essence of what you want to tell is not lost along the way and substance is reflected in each step of the way.

You can count on us to transmit your ideas; we will be able to count on the choreographer that will best adapt to your audio visual project whatever it maybe. We are conscious of the currently changing of broadcasting content mediums (internet, social media, banners etc.) We study each medium to be able to achieve the best results in each case and to achieve the widest projection for each campaign.